Microneedling Post-Care Instructions

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Microneedling Post-Care Instructions

Please take extra precaution to guard against sun exposure immediately following the procedure, as you may be more sensitive the first 3 days. Please use a mineral sunblock (containing Zinc oxide or titanium dioxide) with SPF 30+ and avoid any direct sunlight during this time.

  • Do not use skin exfoliants or scrubs for 10-14 days after treatment
  • No heat exposure (hot tubs, saunas, steam or excessive exercise) for a minimum 48 hours after treatment
  • Please clean anything that may come in contact with your face (phones, glasses) with alcohol pads and change your pillowcase tonight. We want to keep your face or treatment area as clean as possible to lessen breakouts
  • You should keep your skin free of any makeup or additional products not applied after the treatment for a minimum of 48 hours

General Information: Side effects: mild redness, swelling, and flaking for 2-3 days Repeat treatments every 2-4 weeks for 3-6 sessions. Maintenance treatments may be needed depending on the condition.

Redness may persist longer in treatment areas other than the face. As with any treatment, the response, results, and healing after a microneedling treatment varies with each individual and a specific outcome is not guaranteed.

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If you want to learn more about Microneedling aftercare in New Jersey, visit us at Geria Dermatology. We are skilled and experienced in providing high-quality Microneedling treatment, and we are also knowledgeable in providing  aftercare instruction and support. Contact us today to set up an appointment!

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