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Patients experiencing frustrating and embarrassing acne breakouts can benefit from effective acne treatments in New Jersey. There are a number of treatment options available, and because not all acne is the same, the treatment method will be chosen based on each patient’s unique case.

Our Acne Treatment Options

Topical and oral prescription medications: There are several topical and oral medications available to treat acne. They vary in strength depending on the severity of the acne outbreak.

Chemical peels: Chemical peels are acid-based solutions that encourage sloughing of dead and damaged skin cells, revealing fresh new skin that is free of imperfections.

HydraFacial: The HydraFacial is a gentle and relaxing state-of-the-art treatment method for numerous skin issues, including clogged pores and acne. It uses serums and a vortex effect to exfoliate, extract, hydrate, and rejuvenate.

Manual extractions: Manual extractions are performed by a dermatologist and involve the use of a sterile tool to extract the contents of a pimple. This technique is typically used for blackheads or whiteheads and is not usually used for inflamed pimples.

Cortisone shots for cystic acne: Large acne lesions can be directly injected with cortisone to quickly and effectively reduce inflammation. Cortisone is a chemical that is naturally produced by the adrenal glands as a stress response.

BBL Forever Clear: This IPL (intense pulsed light) broadband light treatment uses three colors of light to treat acne on multiple levels. The blue BBL light destroys acne-causing bacteria. The yellow BBL light resolves redness and inflammation in the skin. Infrared light encourages skin healing.

Cutera Excel V+: This laser treatment is incredibly versatile and can treat a wide variety of skin issues. It delivers short high-intensity energy pulses to the skin, eliminating the bacteria that causes acne.

The Cost of Acne Treatment

The price of your acne treatment will depend on the treatment option you choose. The cost of acne treatment is also based on the number of treatment sessions required (if an in-office procedure is chosen).

Amazing service. Amazing dermatologist . He spent a long time with me, talking about my needs and concerns. Dr Geria explained what he thought about my acne and scarring in detail. He wasn’t just in and out like some doctors can be. He took the time to analyze my skin and put together a plan of recommendations. Another bonus Hydrafacial – offered on site. Recommended by Dr Geria, my skin has never looked better. Amazing staff and a beautiful office. The prescriptions were sent over promptly also.
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To find out which acne treatment in New Jersey is right for you, contact the office of board-certified dermatologist. During a consultation, we will be able to recommend the proper course of action to clear up your breakout.



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