Filler Instructions

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Filler Instructions

Filler instructions are necessary for safe and effective results after a filler treatment. Injectable soft-tissue dermal filler treatments reduce signs of aging like wrinkles and facial volume loss. At Geria Dermatology, we provide detailed filler instructions for New Jersey patients.

During your consultation for Restylane, Juvederm, Belotero, or Radiesse fillers, we will give you personalized instructions to prepare properly for your filler treatment session. We will also provide in-depth aftercare directions. Questions are highly encouraged, and we will be happy to answer.

WHAT TO EXPECT during and immediately after your filler treatment:

  • Local numbing medication in the form of a topical cream may be used to maximize your comfort during the dermal filler procedure. Despite the numbing cream, you may experience a mild amount of tenderness or stinging sensation following injection
  • Bruising at the filler treatment site may occur. To minimize bruising, inform the doctor if you take blood thinners such as aspirin, ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil), Aleve, Vitamin E, fish oil, or herbal medications (gingko biloba, ginseng, and garlic) prior to your procedure.
  • Temporary minimal to moderate swelling may be expected related to the areas treated and the dermal filler products used. It is normal to experience some tenderness at the treatment site that feels like a bruise. This can last for a few hours or a few days –
  • It can be normal to feel a “firmness” in your treated areas for the first few days after filler treatment. This again may depend upon the areas treated and products used. Over time, the areas will soften and settle, leaving you with a soft, natural-looking result.


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  • SWELLING: Minimal to moderate swelling can be expected following treatment. On the day of your filler treatment, an ice pack or bag of frozen peas can be applied to the swollen area for a maximum of 10 minutes per hour for the rest of the day to diminish swelling. Swelling can last 3-4 days. It is also normal to experience some tenderness. You may take Tylenol for this. Avoid aspirin or ibuprofen products as they may increase your potential to bruise.
  • BRUISING: Severe bruising is uncommon. Small bruises from injection of the needle into the skin can occur and may appear a darker after 24 hours. Bruising usually subsides in 3-5 days but can rarely last up to 2 weeks. Cover-up can be applied right away over bruises to camouflage them until they resolve.
  • ACTIVITY: Many patients immediately return to their normal routine/activities after Restylane, Juvederm, Belotero, or Radiesse filler injections; however strenuous exercise or activity should be avoided for the remainder of the treatment day.
  • MAKEUP: Makeup may be applied shortly after treatment using gentle application.
  • CLEANSING: The treated area may be gently washed a few hours after filler treatment. Avoid aggressive scrubbing or rubbing.
  • SUN EXPOSURE: Sunbathing or excessive UV exposure should be avoided until any redness or swelling has subsided.
  • COLD SORES: If you are prone to cold sores and if you were injected anywhere near the mouth area, please make the doctor aware. Sometimes a cold sore can be triggered by filler injections and you may need a prescription for Valtrex.
  • FUTURE TREATMENTS: Studies show that repeating your filler treatment within the 4 to 9 month range, before the product has fully dissipated, will enhance your results and make your results last much longer. One week prior to your next treatment, avoid taking aspirin, ibuprofen, Aleve, vitamin E supplements, fish oil, and herbal supplements (gingko biloba, ginseng, and garlic) because these all can make you bruise more easily.

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After your treatment session, please follow all filler instructions as closely as possible. Enjoy your new look and remember that satisfaction is our goal. Please contact our office with any questions. Immediately report any symptoms that are out of the ordinary, such as worsening pain or worsening discoloration of the skin. Contact us today to set up an appointment!

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