The best dermatologist out there. Trust me ive tried them all!!!
dr geria goes above and beyond!!
My friends ask me why i trust dr geria more than another dermatologist after all there are so many!
I “suffered” from psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis and most dermatologist i went to said oh so sorry its an auto immune issue try some steroids. There lack of empathy was appalling to me. When i met Dr geria it was a completely different experience he really listened and came up with a plan. I had insurance issues he filed numerous appeals, hours worth of work he did not have to do. Notice how i said suffered in past tense i am now completely clear and pain free!!!!

His practice is clean luxe and beautiful the rooms have white leather chairs that feel so clean.
He also did my lip injections that honestly are amazing
Hydra facial for when my skin is having a moment
Cant say enough good things.
A derm and a spa all in one!!!
I would definitely recommend dr geria!!!!!