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What Does Collagen Do For the Skin?

What Does Collagen Do For the Skin - Model

Collagen is one of those words that’s thrown around a lot — not just in the beauty industry but in the health and wellness space, too — but many people don’t know exactly what it is.
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5 best products to soothe sunburn, starting at $7, according to dermatologists and skincare pros

5 best skin products to soothe sunburn

MarketWatch has highlighted these products and services because we think readers will find them useful. We may earn a commission if you buy products through our links, but our recommendations are independent of any compensation that we may receive.

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5 Skin Tips for Summer

5 Skin Tips for Summer - Woman with Sunscreen

At this time of year, the warm sun is inviting—but it should also invite you to take sensible precautions. The sun’s UV (ultraviolet) rays can damage your skin in as little as 15 minutes, putting you at risk for melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer. It can also prematurely age skin. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) suggests that you stay out of the sun during the peak hours of 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., seeking shade if you must be outdoors. Five more tips from two Bergen-based dermatologists can help you make 2021 your safest skin summer ever.

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Here’s How Long It Actually Takes Skincare Products To Make A Difference On Your Skin, According To A Dermatologist

It’s understandable to want instant results when it comes to skincare, but it’s (unfortunately) not the reality. Although some products may actually help your skin “overnight,” those changes are largely superficial. For your routine to impact your skin more deeply, it will take some time. But how long? Doctors have mixed answers, but one thing is clear: patience is a virtue.

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How to Get Skin Like Pharrell’s

Pharrell Williams has always been pretty elusive when it comes to answering questions about his skincare routine. While making music is probably his most prominent creative endeavor, in the past 10 years there’s been an ongoing obsession among fans surrounding how he’s kept his skin so flawless — even Travis Scott was curious. When asked about it, the age-defying artist has typically attributed his perennial glow to the simple act of “washing his face only with cold water” and aggressive exfoliation.

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Sorry, But Pimple Patches Are Worse Than You Think

What is clean beauty? And—for that matter—green beauty, eco-friendly beauty, and natural beauty? In Clean, Green, And In Between, beauty expert Jessica DeFino explores the ins and outs of these buzzy terms, reports on the products and ingredients to look out for and answers all of your most pressing questions.

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Of all of life’s great ironies—traffic jams when you’re already late, “No Smoking” signs on your cigarette break, et cetera—perhaps the greatest is this: Sunlight is essential to humankind’s very existence, and yet consumers spend nearly $400 million a year shielding themselves from it. Yes, I’m talking about sunscreen, and no, it’s not a simple subject to cover.

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The definitive guide to supporting your skin barrier (from someone who nearly destroyed theirs)

Oh, to be an avocado. To be born with a built-in barrier that guards my most sensitive and squishy bits. To know that nature has provided all the protection I need; to be blessed with a layer of…wait. My bad. Humans totally have that, too. It’s called the stratum corneum, also known as the skin barrier: a 0.001-millimeter-thick layer of “dead” cells, Natural Moisturizing Factors, sweat, sebum, fatty acids, ceramides, bacteria, microbes, mites, and more that serves to keep the skin safe, strong, healthy, and hydrated.

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Why this form of skin cancer strikes men harder than women

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month and May 4 is Melanoma Monday. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States, and approximately 9,500 people in the U.S. are diagnosed with skin cancer every day. Yahoo Life is driving awareness with this expert-driven article to educate our audience about melanoma risk factors and prevention.

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Why Rice Water For Skin Is Loved By Derms (Whether You DIY It Or Buy It)

Woman model

Modern beauty enthusiasts have no shortage of futuristic ingredients to foist upon their faces. Epidermal Growth Factor harvested from human foreskin? It’s a thing, and celebrities love it. (See: Aesthetician Georgia Louise’s “penis facial.”) Red and blue lasers to reduce acne and wrinkles?

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How Long Does It Take Skincare Products To Work?

Female model

“Expecting instant gratification from skincare is a recipe for disappointment,” Dr. Aanand Geria, M.D., F.A.A.D, tells me over email — which means that beauty enthusiasts living in the Instagram era (hi, hello) have probably experienced their fair share of disappointment. According to the dermatologist, it’s not realistic to expect visible results in a night, or even in a week.

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Is Tea Tree Oil Good For Skin? Derms Speak Out

Woman holding three bottles

Rutherford, NJ dermatologist Aanand Geria, MD concurs. “Certain chemicals in tea tree oil may mimic estrogen and inhibit testosterone. As such, the Endocrine Society has labeled tea tree oil as an ‘endocrine disruptor.’ Men should therefore think twice before using products containing tea tree oil and, for young boys, I recommend avoiding it altogether.”

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Why Age-Related Changes Are Making You Breakout

Woman hiding under sheet

It happens—one day you’re cruising through your 30s, not worried about the pimples and breakouts of your youth—and the next day, bang, a massive breakout. Some women in a certain age group, think Xennials and even some Millennials, are experiencing the early onslaught of dreaded menopause and it’s wreaking havoc on our skin. If you’re dealing with the kind of breakouts that give you flashbacks to life before junior prom, here’s what’s going on.

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The Cause Of Oily Skin In The Summer May Surprise You

Model looking at the camera

Ask any casual skincare enthusiast about summer skin, and chances are, they’ll spout off a few seasonal rules: SPF is a non-negotiable. Switch up your foundation shade to account for your sun-kissed skin tone. And don’t forget to load up on mattifying products, because things are about to get oily.

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Sodium Hyaluronate Vs. Hyaluronic Acid: What To Know (& Which To Use)

Woman rubbing cream under eye

Hyaluronic acid, beloved beauty ingredient, comes in many, many, many shapes and forms. First, there’s the kind that naturally exists in your body. (Yup, you have your own hyaluronic acid supply pumping through your system and plumping your cells right this very second.) Then, there are synthesized hyaluronic acid gels, like Juvéderm and Restylane, used for injectable fillers.

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The Best Nighttime Skincare Routine Isn’t All About Products

Woman with sleeping mask

“Get your beauty sleep” isn’t just an empty cliché — according to dermatologists, beauty sleep is both very real and very necessary. Your skin works hard during the day to defend against UV exposure, pollution, and other environmental aggressors; and at night, it enters into a sort of “repair mode” to undo some of that damage and replenish key nutrients.

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Halt the Face Acids: Here’s How to Know If You’re Over-Exfoliating

Dark skinned model

While dermatologists maintain that exfoliation is a great (and sometimes necessary) way to shed dead skin cells and reveal the fresh, radiant skin sitting below the surface, the recent popularity of cell-scrubbing cleansers, toners, grains, and serums means that many beauty enthusiasts are exfoliating a bit too much and a bit too often.

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8 Common Fear-mongering Natural Beauty Marketing Claims, Fact-checked

Natural makeup on table

Let me preface this by saying I’m a big fan of natural skin-care. Huge. (Here is some proof.) But I’m also a fan of facts — and when it comes to some of the alarmist claims in clean beauty brands’ marketing materials, facts can sometimes take a backseat to fear-mongering.

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The Best Eyebrow Growth Serums Have This In Common

Model looking at camera

Are you Brooke Shields, Lily Collins, or Cara Delevingne? No? Then chances are, you’re always experimenting with the best eyebrow growth serums to give your brows a little boost. And I say “always experimenting” because there are so, so many brow products on the market — a Sephora search for “brows” turns up 154 search results, and that’s just one site — and yet, so few of them seem to work as quickly as you’d want.

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These Edible Skincare Products Are *So* Good For You, Inside And Out

Skincare product

Yesterday, I ate my new favorite face mask. That’s not as weird as it sounds — it was the just-launched Four Sigmatic Mushroom Face Mask and Tonic, designed specifically to be used inside (as a dietary supplement when stirred into a latte) and out (as a 15 minute mask). The product is the latest in a small-but-mighty selection of edible skincare products made with ingredients pure enough to eat.

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Chest Skincare Products To Perfect Your Complexion Everywhere

Two women in lingerie

To put it bluntly, you probably need to take better care of your boobs. The breasts, chest, and neck are often overlooked when it comes to consistent skincare routines — but these areas are just as affected by sun damage, pollution, and aging as the skin on your face, if not more. Luckily, chest skincare products to perfect your complexion everywhere are trending, making it easier than ever to give your ta-tas some TLC.

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Podcast: The Skin Care Benefits of Microneedling

Dr. Geria

Aanand Geria, MD is a board-certified dermatologist who specializes in medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology. He has extensive experiences treating patients of all ages, ethnicities, and skin types Dr. Geria has practiced in Manhattan and the Hudson Valley prior to opening up his own practice, Geria Dermatology, in Rutherford, NJ.

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How To Pair Facial Oils And Moisturizers Without Looking Like A Greasy Mess

Peter Thomas Roth products

Teamwork makes the dream work, as they say — even when it comes to your skincare routine. And just like with any team, a lineup of all-star products that stand out on their own might not be the most efficient way to achieve the skin of your dreams. If you’re after that gold medal glow, it’s essential to look for products and ingredients that support each other — and the first step is learning how to pair facial oils and moisturizers.

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I drank this popular collagen drink every morning for a month, and I swear my skin is firmer

Skinade bottle

A week after moving to the Joshua Tree desert in Southern California, just outside of the festival-famous Coachella Valley, I knew my skin was in serious trouble. I had relaxed into the peace and quiet of desert living, the dry heat like a constant hug — but my face, to put it mildly, was freaking out.


Camel Milk’s Skin Benefits Might Be Better Than Vitamin C

Female model

I’m endlessly fascinated by the beauty practices of civilizations past, especially those of the ancient Egyptians. I love imagining their discoveries: Who originally attempted to create a cat eye with sharpened kohl? How did they figure out that a burnt almond made for the perfect eyebrow pencil?

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I started drinking $39 ‘beauty water’ and was shocked that it actually made my skin glow

Glass bottle of skin care products

Add the words “healthy,” “beauty,” or “glowing,” to a product name and I’ll try it. What can I say? I’m a gullible consumer, in hot pursuit of pretty much anything that will make me feel, look, or be better — and Sakara’s $39 Beauty Water Concentrate was an obvious stop on my journey.


This $12 magnesium and vitamin C serum brightened my dull, tired skin practically overnight

Bottle of Vitamin C Serum

I’ve struggled with “problem skin” for most of my adult life, and as a result, can usually figure out what it needs at any given time. Pimples popping up? I reach for tea tree essential oil to soothe inflammation. Dry skin? A moisturizer packed with hyaluronic acid will do. Fine lines creeping into the corners of the eyes? Retinol-infused night cream to the rescue. But recently, I noticed my skin was just blah — you know, dull, tired, a little lackluster — and I didn’t know where to turn.


Raspberry Seed Oil Is The Skincare Essential You’re Missing

Raspberry seed oil bottle

If it seems like increasingly more morning smoothie fixings are showing up in your skincare routine, you’re not wrong. Yogurt is a much-beloved base for DIY face masks; kale can be found in cleansers and creams from Youth to the People and Pacifica; and K-beauty empire Glow Recipe recently released an entire line of blueberry-infused products.

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Tretinoin Is The Acne-Fighting Ingredient You’ve Been Missing

Woman rubbing cream on face

If you’ve tried all the typical acne fighting ingredients — salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and even retinol — and haven’t seen results, it might be time to try tretinoin, a powerful acne-fighting ingredient that dermatologists love. A derivative of vitamin A, the main ingredient in both the controversial acne treatment Accutane and popular retinol creams, tretinoin is a prescription-strength topical that has previously only been available via a trip to the dermatologist.

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New Study Says This Drink May Help Reduce Rosacea Symptoms

Woman holding an iced drink

Rosacea is one of those skincare concerns that can have a real effect on the lifestyle of those who deal with it. In attempt to minimize flareups, people may try to avoid different types of products, foods and drinks. Hot beverages like coffee has long been considered one of those beverages to avoid. That is, until now.

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L:a Bruket’s Natural Skincare Line Is Filled With Broccoli — And It’s Dermatologist Approved

Female model

You make a point of choosing organic berries over conventionally grown produce; on a good day, you choose kale chips over the processed potato variety; you prefer to eat at farm-to-table restaurants — but maybe you haven’t quite gotten into the all-natural skincare thing yet.

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The Surprising Connection Between Iuds And Unwanted Facial Hair No One Talks About

Woman with chin in hand

Let me say this: I am pro-IUD. I’m pro-birth control, pro-choice, pro-sexual liberation, pro-all-of-it. But there’s a shadowy side to getting an IUD that no one really talks about; and for me, that shadow made itself known on my upper lip.

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Why Watermelon Seed Oil Is An Acne-Fighting Hero

Model looking at camera

Watermelon isn’t only for summer picnics, seed-spitting contests, and yummy cocktails anymore (although we’ll never turn down an invite to the cookout). Now, the fruit is a surefire gateway to clear, glowing skin. Watermelon seed oil is the acne-fighting skincare ingredient that’s suddenly everywhere; and if you’re prone to getting a pimple or two, especially after one-too-many spicy watermelon margs at happy hour, you can easily integrate it into your skincare routine.

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Face Balms For Dry Skin Give You Moisture Without The Grease

Clary Collection containers

When your lips are dry, cracked, or otherwise in need of a little love, where do you turn? Lip balm, of course. Now, you can do the same for your skin. Balm-textured skincare products are suddenly everywhere, from Sephora to Net-a-Porter to Etsy, which makes it official: Face balm products are the new lip balms.

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Rutherford Doc Reveals Secrets To Glowing Winter Skin

Dr Geria

The physician is opening a practice this May in Rutherford and specializes in medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology. He is sharing his top tips on how to protect and heal cracking winter skin.

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